Soaring energy prices and ever-increasing living costs have hugely changed the economic landscape. Business owners are becoming increasingly cautious when discussing energy contracts as the future remains unclear regarding governmental support.

As a result, energy brokers are looking for ways to improve their offering, collect & protect revenue and guard against any eventuality in the road ahead.

Here are four ways energy brokers can collect & protect revenue and futureproof their business with the help of PreAction;

Energy Broker

1- Revenue Recovery

Are you an energy broker with customers defaulting on agreed energy contracts, resulting in lost commission? PreAction will recover the lost revenue from the customer without the need for litigation. Each of our agents understands the importance of retrieving lost revenue.

EC. Business Solutions said:

“Outsourcing our customer losses to PreAction has made a huge difference to our bottom line due to their unique approach and resourcefulness!”

Our agents pride themselves on showing empathy when required along with clear focus and determination in resolving the claim. 64% of disputes are settled without the need for litigation saving time, resources, and expense for both sides. For customers that fail to settle we have a panel of solicitors ready to litigate.

PreAction and our panel of solicitors all work on a ‘settlement on success’ ethos allowing for a no-lose situation for our clients, only taking our fee once we achieve a settlement.

Improved Commercials & Offering

2- Broker Structure Support

Due to the economic climate – We all need to adapt and prepare for significant changes across the business world. This could include adding new provisions to your costs, reviewing overheads & ensuring maximum value for the business.

Part of our support structure would be reviewing your provisions to match the current economic climate to widen the safety net of your business’s finances.

Previously it would not be uncommon for brokers to allocate a 3% provision associated with businesses moving or shutting down.

Our senior team has a combined experience of over 30 years within the energy brokering industry, we offer board-level guidance, creating a coaching model for all employees, organising workshops to recalibrate agents & developing mentorship programmes to provide the management team with an essential sounding board.

3 – Broker Defence

Over recent years we have seen a spike in claims companies targeting energy brokers to reclaim what they believe is ‘hidden commission.’  Although with recent changes to the energy market we anticipate fewer claims companies being formed and the current companies moving on to other sectors.

However, with the new ADR scheme that has been recently announced, we anticipate a spike in the next 12 months—using the scheme to target and extract money from energy brokers.

Our senior team includes a solicitor with over three decades of legal experience and a firm understanding of both sides of the argument. This allows PreAction to offer unrivalled commission claims defence to our clients.

In recent claims, we have negotiated more favourable outcomes for energy brokers, including multiple claims being struck out of court.

4 – Improved Commercials & Offering

Whether it be a broader range of suppliers offering procurement options or services to manage and reduce energy consumption, our senior team has an extensive network of introductions to help support and strengthen your menu of services.

As customer demand for additional services increases, so will the overheads of energy brokers. Within our extensive network, we can make introductions to ensure preferential terms which will improve cash flow to meet customer demand.

This will be available to both new and established energy brokers.

Our network also consists of a multitude of businesses within the energy sector that can support your customers with their commitment to reducing their energy costs.

How can PreAction help?

There has never been a more critical time for energy brokers to assess their position and explore ways to improve cash flow to protect their business for the future. PreAction is the only business in the UK offering a range of expert solutions to support energy brokers including revenue recovery, dispute resolution, claims defence and much more.

We draw upon decades of combined industry experience in both the energy brokering and legal sectors to offer specialist solutions to help energy brokers increase and optimise cash flow, futureproof your business and improve the service you offer your customers.

Our objective is to provide a successful foundation for energy brokers to become sustainable and resilient, ensuring financial stability.

If you would like to find out how PreAction can support your business with a range of services including revenue recovery and claims defence & dispute resolution, give us a call on 0191 5807231, drop us an email at  Or download our brochure of services here.

Are you an energy broker in need of revenue support? – PreAction it.