If you’re an energy broker with customers defaulting on an agreed energy contract, resulting in lost revenue for your business – Have you considered revenue recovery? 

Our team of Pre-Litigation Managers are specifically trained in dispute resolution and revenue recovery, priding themselves on a solution-based & empathic approach to every customer, whilst dedicating specialist skills to ensure resolution is reached for the client. 

Energy brokers are looking for ways to improve their offering, collect & protect revenue and guard against any eventuality in the road ahead.

PreAction will recover the lost revenue from the customer without you having to take the matter to court using our  specialist revenue recovery process. 

Read our 7-step revenue recovery process; 

Broker Defence

Revenue Recovery Data Received 

Our client sends a data list that would allow us to begin the investigation. The data list contains the evidence that a customer defaulted on their agreed contract, including LOAs, contracts & call recordings etc. 

Initial Engagement Letter 

Our team send out the initial contact to the customer in which we introduce PreAction and outline the details of the claim, including the evidence provided by the client. 

Pre-Litigation Manager Contact 

One of our experienced Pre-Litigation Managers follow up on our initial engagement letter with a call to begin discussions on how to better understand the situation and work towards resolving the claim. 


The claim would be explored between the customer and the Pre-Litigation manager, outlining specific details and discussing resolution options.  

64% of disputes are settled without the need for litigation saving time, resources, and expense for both sides. For customers that fail to settle we have a panel of solicitors ready to litigate. 


Offer of Resolution 

The next step is negotiating a settlement that would bring the case to a voluntary close. Allowing the claim to go to court is often significantly more costly to both the client and their customer, therefore, a resolution is often the best option for both parties.  

Offer Agreed 

Once the mediation is over and the payment amount is accepted, we will establish and agree on payment dates & methods with the customer.  

Payment Made 

Full & final settlement is made to PreAction & the case is then closed.  

PreAction and our panel of solicitors work on a ‘settlement on success’ ethos, providing a no-lose situation for our clients, only taking our fee once we achieve a settlement. 

How can PreAction help? 

There has never been a more critical time for energy brokers to assess their position and explore ways to improve cash flow to protect their business for the future.  

PreAction is the only business in the UK offering a range of expert solutions to support energy brokers including revenue recovery, dispute resolution, claims defence and much more. 

We draw upon decades of combined industry experience in both the energy brokering and legal sectors to offer specialist solutions to help energy brokers increase and optimise cash flow, futureproof your business and improve the service you offer your customers. 

Our objective is to provide a successful foundation for energy brokers to become sustainable and resilient, ensuring financial stability. 

If you would like to find out how PreAction can support your business with a range of services including revenue recovery and claims defence & dispute resolution, give us a call on 0191 5807231, drop us an email at info@preaction.co.uk or download our brochure of services here. 

Are you an energy broker in need of revenue support? – PreAction it.