Do your current terms and conditions protect your business?

Energy Broker Market Update

Our energy broker clients have recently informed us at PreAction that more suppliers are now opening pricing, with improved rates compared to the last couple of months of pricing.

This positive news is welcomed by everyone across the board. However, energy brokers must consider that contracts agreed at a higher rate will now be at risk of being cancelled or defaulted. This comes as a result of customers looking for a cheaper deal.

This will ultimately result in revenue being clawing back from the suppliers. But how can you ensure you have the correct terms and conditions to protect revenues owed to your business?

Terms and conditions review

Terms and Conditions Review

Our legal team will complete a terms and conditions review and amend your terms and conditions to ensure your organisation is compliant with the Ombudsman.

We ensure you are best positioned to protect yourself from potential commercial loss. This includes guarding your business against claims surrounding hidden commissions.

Our support will cover:

  • Reviewing or amending terms and conditions to place on your website.
  • Ensuring terms protect your business from breached contracts.
  • Advice on how to present your terms & conditions.
  • Any queries are answered to the best of our knowledge.

Our leadership team comprises of in-house counsel with over 30 years of legal practice specialising in commercial disputes as well as energy industry experts with first-hand experience and knowledge regarding the issues new & established energy brokers might face.

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Our objective is to provide a successful foundation for energy brokers to become sustainable and resilient, ensuring financial stability.

If you would like to find out how PreAction can support your business with a range of services including revenue recovery, claims defence & dispute resolution, give us a call on 0191 5807231, drop us an email at or download our brochure of services here.

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