In line with the growth of PreAction and the continued development of our offering, we are now positioned to provide our specialist services to utility suppliers.

Established in 2020, PreAction now offers multiple services to over 60 companies in the utility industry across the UK, supporting our clients with fundamental operations.  

Yesterday we launched our Utility Supplier portal on our website, outlining our services in more detail but read on for further insight.

Our Objective For Utility Suppliers

Our objective is to become an invaluable partner for suppliers, offering specialist services such as Debt Resolution, COT Due Diligence, Operational Outsourcing, and ad-hoc business support services. 

Our Services For Utility Suppliers

Our Debt Resolution service offers a crucial stage in the recovery process, allowing suppliers and TPIs alike to achieve a reasonable resolution before taking further (often more costly and less productive) steps.  

The PreAction ‘Settlement on Success’ or SOS ethos allows for a no-lose situation for our clients, only taking their fee once we achieve a settlement.  

Our operational outsourcing services provide essential support for suppliers in three key areas: 


COT Due Diligence

Outsource your COT/COO investigations to PreAction ensuring regulatory confidence in your process.  Our conversations increasingly show suppliers are struggling to properly investigate COTs and ensure that only legitimate applications are accepted.  

Volatile market conditions increase the opportunity for customers and some brokers to become inventive and create COTs when the end entities’ ownership/shareholding has not changed.  

Not properly investigating possible illegal/fraudulent COTs could breach the supplier’s license conditions.

 Debt Resolution 

Suppliers outsource recovery activity caused by contractual breaches or bad debt to third-party agencies.  

PreAction offers a reasonable resolution before instructing unaccommodating debt recovery agencies, increasing recovery and resolution targets whilst offering a more reasonable approach to your customers, given the current economic climate.  

Outsourcing Complaints

Customer complaints can often be time-consuming and complex. PreAction guarantees the timeframes set out by regulatory bodies are adhered to. 

Outsourcing your customer complaints to PreAction allows internal team members to concentrate on growth, removing the internal burden of responding, investigating and resolving complaints. 

Our team will follow a diligent and compliant process allowing for effective and efficient resolution. 

How Can PreAction Help?

PreAction offers a range of expert solutions to support utility suppliers, including debt recovery, COT Due Diligence, and much more. 

If you would like to find out how PreAction can support your business with a range of services, including debt recovery and COT Due Diligence, give us a call on 0191 5807231, drop us an email at or download our brochure of services here.

Are you a utility supplier in need of outsourced support? – PreAction it.