PreAction has quickly built a strong reputation in the utility industry for delivering outstanding results – regardless of whether our client is an SME or a larger organisation. 

In addition to our TPI support, PreAction offers a full range of debt resolution services for brokers and suppliers, from credit control to claim management and the use of our in-house counsel.

Satisfied PreAction Customer

Over 60 satisfied PreAction clients

We provide a complete debt resolution and revenue recovery service for defaulted agreements as far back as six years. Our debt resolution service has proven to be an invaluable source of cash flow for brokers and suppliers alike.  

We are now onboarding several new clients as the word of our unrivalled service is passed through the industry.

Our PreAction Team

Our team consists of highly experienced and trained professionals who assess each case to ensure that fairness, affordability and sustainability are considered at an early stage of the process.

Our Pre-Litigation Managers come from various regulated backgrounds, including collection departments from some of the UK’s largest energy suppliers including Npower & EDF. Our specialist team is accustomed to working in line with regulatory bodies.

PreAction Team

Our PreAction Process

We pride ourselves on,

  • Reaching Resolution Understanding the origin and nature of the claim allows our team to adapt and respond accordingly. Resulting in a high percentage of favourable resolutions. 
  • Understanding Our Clients – We appreciate our clients each have their specific processes. Understanding those processes allows our team to provide a seamless service parallel to our clients. 
  • Understanding Regulations – Our team are accustomed to working in line with governing and regulatory bodies, allowing for a compliant and efficient service, and ensuring client confidence.
  • Our Specialist Team – We offer unrivalled training, assuring our team is equipped for success. Specialising in claims handling and resolution, our specialist team can adapt to resolve even the most challenging case

Our PreAction Ethos

Working as a standalone service or as part of an outsourced team, the PreAction Settlement on Success or SOS ethos allows for a no-lose situation for our clients, only taking our fee once we achieve a settlement.

PreAction Settlement on Success

What Our Clients say

“Before working with PreAction, one considerable challenge we faced was mitigating revenue loss from fee disputes and contractual defaults. These defaults were initially written off as a loss until we discovered PreAction, who presented a better solution. ” 

Said Chris Shaw, Chief Executive Officer at Utility Bidder,

“The team at PreAction have since played a vital part in resolving disputes, recovering a significant amount of revenue from historical defaulted contracts.”

Utility Bill

How Can PreAction Help?

We are visiting sites and conducting teams calls with several new clients this month. See what our clients have to say.

If you would like to find out how PreAction can support your business with a range of services, including debt resolution, give us a call on 0191 5807231, drop us an email at