Using a debt resolution company is not a trick but an easy way to treat your business to vital lost revenue.

Losing hard-earned revenue due to customers defaulting, cancelling or failing to honour the agreement made with your business can be a horror story.

But can there be a happy ending? 

This Halloween, we discuss the tricks and treats of debt resolution and how it can help you recover lost revenue without any scary court fees.

The trick is to act now!

It’s not magic—it takes time, effort, and often multiple attempts before you see results when looking to resolve historic debts. 

This can take up valuable time that your team could put towards more constructive operations for your business. 

By the time some businesses decide to involve a debt resolution partner, they’ve missed out on months — sometimes years — of valuable income and could face significant legal expenses.

We recommend acting now so that when you decide to use debt resolution for defaulted contracts and unpaid debts, it feels like a treat rather than a trick.

Trick or Treat

The trick is to prioritise what is important.

Many businesses operate under the misconception that their only options are to take costly legal action to resolve the dispute or to write off the bad debt as a loss. 

As a result, businesses exhaust many valuable resources trying unsuccessfully to collect on defaulted contracts instead of using those resources and time to grow their business. 

One of the best ways to prioritise your business is by using a pre-litigation debt resolution service like ours at PreAction to take care of the process for you.

The trick is to choose the right partner.

The advantage of using a reputable, experienced debt resolution service like PreAction is that we have the resources and specialist team to pursue outstanding disputes while you focus on your business.

We specialise in finding positive resolutions between our clients and their debtors without suffering costly court proceedings.

Our leadership team includes in-house counsel with over 30 years of legal practice specialising in commercial disputes and industry experts with first-hand experience and knowledge regarding the issues new & established businesses might face. 


Treat your business!

Businesses across the UK lose substantial sums of money annually through customers defaulting on contracts and agreements. 

These losses can have a massively detrimental effect on your business & using vital resources in-house to attempt to reclaim them can use up valuable time and money.

Consider the tricks above and treat your business by enlisting the help of our pre-litigation team at PreAction to unmask a cash-flow injection from defaulted contracts from up to six years ago and avoid scary court costs in the process.

Happy Halloween from The PreAction Team! 

Settlement on Success

The PreAction ‘Settlement on Success’ or SOS ethos allows for a no-lose situation for our clients, only taking our fee once we achieve a settlement. This ensures our clients receive unrivalled service in every case we manage. 

How can PreAction help?

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