Every company will, at some point, have to deal with complaints.  

Customer service is a crucial part of any business and often the first line of defence against unhappy customers.  Outsourcing your complaints to PreAction has proved to be a vital service for many of our clients.  

Outsourcing your customer complaints to PreAction allows your internal team members to concentrate on growth, removing the internal burden of responding, investigating & resolving complaints.

Here are four benefits of outsourcing your complaints department to PreAction:

We save you money and time

The benefits of outsourcing your complaints department are many, but one of the most important is that you do not have to spend money and resources on hiring and training new staff.

You also will not need to pay for extra office space or equipment, which can be an expensive outlay for any business.  

Customer complaints can often be time-consuming and complex. PreAction guarantees the timeframes set out by regulatory bodies are adhered to. By outsourcing your complaints department, you save a lot of money while keeping a high standard of customer service.

We handle more than just a call 

Our specialist team at PreAction can handle more than just telephone calls. We will liaise with your customer through various channels to ensure we deal with the complaint in the most efficient way possible.  

Some of these channels include:   

  • Inbound calls (The customer initiates contact with your business.)   
  • Outbound calls (PreAction initiates contact with the customer following a query)
  • Emails and letters.  

Satisfied Customer

We take pressure off your admin team  

Outsourcing your complaints will allow you to take pressure off your administrative team. They can focus on other essential tasks, like customer retention and upselling.  

In addition to improving productivity, outsourcing your complaints to PreAction also helps to improve customer service by allowing PreAction to offer better solutions for small issues before they become big problems for both parties involved.  

Your service will not suffer as your business grows

Outsourcing your complaints department allows you to focus on the core of your business and let PreAction deal with the day-to-day complaints.  Your business is growing, and it is time for you to think about how to deal with this growth.

Outsourcing key operations like complaints handling to PreAction would allow those processes to scale with your business without the added overheads.


Are you an Energy Broker?  

As of the 1st of December 2022, energy brokers will need to change how complaints are handled and will be at risk of a fixed fee of £340 or £170. The value of each complaint could also cost your brokerage up to £10,000 per complaint.  

Energy brokers will also be at risk of being expelled from the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Scheme, which will see your business no longer being able to place energy contracts for micro businesses.  

The ADR Scheme will now allow your customers to complain to the Ombudsman, however, before the Ombudsman is involved you will have up to 8 weeks to resolve.  

All complaints must follow the set rules to ensure the complaints process is compliant. If you do not have a complaints team that understands the process or prefer not to add salaries to your overheads, outsource all complaints for PreAction to handle.  

We have a team of expert advisors and our in-house counsel who will guide customer complaints through the complaints process. We offer various fixed monthly fees to ensure your business is covered depending on size.  


Whatever the circumstances, it is a sad fact that dealing with complaints takes up valuable time and energy. Most businesses would rather have their staff direct those resources towards more important matters – such as progressing client work, training staff and even leaving the office on time!

If your business is considering outsourcing your complaints, it is worth investigating all the benefits it can offer.

You can increase efficiency, save money and resources, avoid training costs, take pressure off your administrative staff and scale effectively while providing the best service.  

How Can PreAction Help?  

We are visiting sites and conducting teams calls with several new clients this month. See what our clients have to say.  

If you would like to find out how PreAction can support your business with a range of services, including outsourcing complaints, give us a call at 0191 5807231, drop us an email at info@preaction.co.uk