Whether you’re a new or well-established energy broker, you’re likely to agree that it’s an incredibly competitive field. 

There are a lot of companies out there vying for customers, and it can be tough to stand out from the pack. 

Staying up to date on the latest industry news and happenings as well as offering several value-added services are vital to the success & survival of your business.

Here are 5 things every successful energy broker has in common:

Energy Broker

They protect themselves against unnecessary loss 

Every organisation has terms and conditions for a reason.  But where do you turn when a contractual agreement is broken, resulting in a loss of revenue to your business? 

All energy brokers will have experienced a contract not going live, resulting in revenue being lost or clawed back. 

It is imperative to havea processin place to protect against this happening—and that means having someone on your side who knows how to negotiate with the skill and knowledge needed to negate the loss to your business. 

The correctterms & conditions are vital for every broker to avoid unnecessary loss when this happens. 

PreAction reviewing your T&Cs will ensure you are best positioned to protect yourself from any commercial loss, including guarding you against claims surrounding hidden commissions.

At a time when every penny counts, it is more important than ever to optimise your processes to maximise profitability and collect the revenue owed to your business. 

Energy Broker

Successful energy brokers offer a wide range of services 

When it comes to energy brokering customers want options. 

Now more than ever, businesses have more knowledge and options regarding the type of contract they agree to. Making sure you offer a wide range of services will set you apart from your competition.

 Some of the most successful energy brokers have expanded their list of services to offer things like merchant services, telecoms, Net Zero options and monitoring alert systems. Customers want the confidence that you can offer their business more than just a pricing tool.

So, offering a more varied and valuable menu of services will give your business the edge it needs to be successful.

Our senior team has an extensive network of introductions to help support and strengthen your service offering.  Whether it be a broader range of suppliers offering procurement options or services to manage and reduce energy consumption, we can connect you with the right partners. 

Energy Broker

They are proactive when it comes to customer service 

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to customer service is to be proactive.  Responding quickly to inquiries and addressing concerns, complaints or issues should be top of the list.

By being proactive, you can ensure that customers are happy with your services and that they will continue doing business with you in the future. 

Outsourcing vital parts of your process, such as complaints, to professionals to allow your team to focus on their expertise, will streamline your customer journey and free up vital resources for your staff. 

Outsourcing your customer complaints to PreAction allows internal team members to concentrate on growth, removing the internal burden of responding, investigating & resolving complaints.

Energy Broker

They build strong relationships with suppliers 

Developing long-term relationships with reputable suppliers will ensure more leverage when negotiating contracts. Building these relationships can often prove difficult to achieve for new and even established brokers, as well as very time-consuming to nurture. 

Aggregators act as a vital catalyst fornew and smaller TPI organisations to receive more favourable terms from energy suppliers & offer more favourable terms to their clients. 

We make introductions to ensure preferential terms to improve cash flow to meet customer demand. PreAction works with over sixty brokers of all sizes across the UK & offers this service to both new and established energy brokers.

Energy Broker

They use the right tools 

There are several different tools and resources available to brokers to streamline the service they offer their customers.  In the competitive energy market, brokers use robust and state-of-the-art CRM systems to improve service.

These systems allow brokers to track their clients’ needs and preferences, as well as provide a 360-degree view of customer interactions. By offering improved customer service, brokers can differentiate themselves from the competition and increase customer loyalty. 

Systems like Paradigm and Gold Vision offer multiple options specifically tailored to the brokering industry that will massively improve both your team’s productivity and your customer journey.

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How can PreAction help?

We offer a comprehensive range of specialist services to utility brokers, includingclaims defence, Terms & Conditions review and a 360 revenue recovery service for defaulted agreements as far back as six years. 

We support 70+ utility businesses with specialist operational support. Our debt resolution service has proven to be an invaluable source of cash flow for brokers. 

We are visiting sites and conducting teams calls with several new clients this month. See what our clients have to say.

If you would like to find out how PreAction can support your business with a range of services, including debt resolution, give us a call at 0191 5807231, drop us an email at info@preaction.co.uk