Post Covid19 the UK energy sector has undergone significant change.

National and international factors affecting wholesale prices along with government interventions and new regulations have made the landscape increasingly difficult for suppliers to operate as before.

Suppliers’ business models have transformed to reflect the above, with energy brokers & TPIs being significantly affected as a result.

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Energy broker challenges

Many brokers have been the unfortunate object of such changes, with several suppliers implementing transformation resulting in reduced commissions, reduced available contract terms, reduced service levels, reduced commercial payment agreements and increased acceptance criteria, with some having their agreements terminated entirely: all making the life of a broker ever more challenging.

Direct relationships with suppliers are becoming more difficult to achieve, maintain and deliver upon.

Brokers can no longer place large percentages of their sales to just one supplier, with regulations and customer expectations requiring brokers to present a much more reasonable selection of prices, options, and services from a wider portfolio of suppliers.

An effective solution

One effective strategy for achieving this is by expanding your supplier network and improving your commercials along with minimising any obligations to a handful of direct supplier relationships.

This can be achieved by using an aggregator. But what are the specific benefits of using an aggregator?

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing three key advantages: increased supplier options, improved commercials, and on-signature payments.

So let’s dive into 3 benefits of using an aggregator:

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Increased energy supplier options

Increasing supplier options allows brokers to offer their customers a wide range of choices, services and competitive pricing selections.

This is important as customers are more demanding than ever regarding their energy needs, and having multiple options increases the likelihood of finding a solution that meets their requirements.

This will ultimately lead to increased customer engagement, sales revenue and profitability for your business.

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Improved pricing options

By offering a range of pricing options, energy brokers can cater to the increasingly diverse needs and budget constraints of their customers.

This not only helps attract new customers but also helps retain existing clients by providing them with flexible and cost-effective energy solutions that may not have been an option initially.

This results in a no-lose situation where both the energy broker and the customer benefit from the improved pricing options.

Streamlined energy procurement

Using an aggregator can significantly streamline the procurement process for energy brokers.

An aggregator takes care of the time-consuming tasks involved in routes to the market, such as negotiating commission commercials with suppliers, managing relationships, and handling administrative tasks.

This frees up energy brokers to focus on their core competencies, such as acquiring new business, maintaining relationships with clients and securing & expanding their business.

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PreAction Has Got Your Back

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