2022 was a year of significant challenges and change for the energy sector, with developments such as the energy crisis, energy relief scheme, and ombudsman ADR scheme leading the charge.

In 2023, it’s crucial for energy brokers to be prepared for what’s to come, and one vital way of doing this is by ensuring that your terms and conditions are up-to-date and robust.

Here’s why having updated terms and conditions is critical for energy brokers:

Legal Protection

Well-defined terms and conditions can provide a solid legal defence against potential disputes and claims, which can greatly reduce the risk of commercial loss.

By having clear, concise, and legally binding agreements in place, energy brokers can protect their business and ensure a smooth resolution in case of any disagreements with clients.

Revenue Protection

Up-to-date terms and conditions can also help prevent customers from breaching agreed contracts. This is important because contract breaches can cause financial losses for your business.

By clearly laying out the consequences of contract breaches, energy brokers can better protect their revenue streams and safeguard the stability of their business.


Since the Ombudsman ADR Scheme went live in December 2022, it highlights the need for brokers to be more diligent in their operations to ensure key supplier relationships aren’t jeopardised.

By regularly reviewing and updating your terms and conditions, you can ensure that your business remains compliant and avoid any potential penalties or losses due to non-compliance.

PreAction has got your back!

Our team of experts offer a full terms and conditions review service, designed to ensure that your business is protected and prepared for any outcome.

Our in-house counsel will conduct a thorough review of your existing documents and provide recommendations for improvement, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that your business is fully protected.

How Can PreAction Help?

In addition to terms and conditions review, PreAction offers a range of services to support energy brokers. From debt resolution to introductions to suppliers and aggregators, we have the expertise and resources to help you succeed.

Our team of experts supports over 70 utility businesses, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have. Don’t leave your energy brokerage exposed to commercial loss.

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Contact PreAction today at 0191 5807231 or info@preaction.co.uk to learn how we can support your business and safeguard its future.

With our range of services and dedicated team of experts, you can feel confident in your business’s ability to face the challenges and opportunities ahead.