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Great Annual Savings Group

As a cost reduction specialist who has offered energy brokering services as part of our offering since 2012, one of our biggest challenges over the 9 years we have been trading has been some of the industry related practices which can result in contracts we broker for customers and rely on commission from, not going live and resulting in financial losses. This impacts both the profitability of our business and the month to month cash flow.

Until our interactions with PreAction we had never quite found an effective way to mitigate these losses that we had suffered and struggled more than anything to find the resource and expertise internally to effectively deal with this issue.

From early on in our conversations with PreAction it became clear that we absolutely should not shy away from investigating these breaches of contract and action them in line within our terms and conditions. Since tasking PreAction to act as a dispute resolution agent for us we have been blown away by not only the success they’ve had in recovering this lost revenue but also the professionalism and ability to actually reengage some customers who may have been given poor advice elsewhere which caused them to breach our contract.

PreAction are now a valuable partner of ours and we could not recommend them highly enough to other organisations who not only offer brokerage services but for any contractual dispute issues they may experience.

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December 7, 2015


Great Annual Savings Group



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