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4 benefits of outsourcing your complaints department  

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Every company will, at some point, have to deal with complaints.   Customer service is a crucial part of any business and often the first line of defence against unhappy customers.  Outsourcing your complaints to PreAction has proved to be a vital service for many of our clients.   Outsourcing your customer complaints to PreAction

Outsourcing your complaints to PreAction

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Every company, at some point, will have to deal with unhappy customers. Customer service is an important part of any business and it’s often the first line of defence against unhappy customers. That’s why outsourcing your complaints to PreAction is so useful.  Outsourcing your customer complaints to PreAction allows your internal team members to concentrate

Trick or Treat? Using debt resolution to recover lost revenue

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Using a debt resolution company is not a trick but an easy way to treat your business to vital lost revenue. Losing hard-earned revenue due to customers defaulting, cancelling or failing to honour the agreement made with your business can be a horror story. But can there be a happy ending?  This Halloween, we discuss

PreAction now supports over 60 businesses across the United Kingdom

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PreAction has quickly built a strong reputation in the utility industry for delivering outstanding results – regardless of whether our client is an SME or a larger organisation.  In addition to our TPI support, PreAction offers a full range of debt resolution services for brokers and suppliers, from credit control to claim management and

4 benefits of using debt resolution before going to court

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Our debt resolution service offers a crucial stage in the recovery process, allowing utility suppliers to achieve a reasonable resolution before taking further (often more costly & less productive) steps.   Our resolution agents come from various regulated backgrounds, including collection agents from some of the UK’s largest energy suppliers like Npower & EDF. Our

Utility Bidder Testimonial: 18 months on

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Utility Bidder: 18 Months On Utility Bidder enlisted the help of PreAction over 18 months ago to outsource our fee disputes & since then, we have developed a strong partnership due to their unrivalled support with several operational processes.  Before working with PreAction, one considerable challenge we faced was mitigating revenue loss from fee

PreAction launch support services for utility suppliers

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In line with the growth of PreAction and the continued development of our offering, we are now positioned to provide our specialist services to utility suppliers. Established in 2020, PreAction now offers multiple services to over 60 companies in the utility industry across the UK, supporting our clients with fundamental operations.   Yesterday we launched

Government announce energy bill relief scheme for businesses

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Businesses across the UK have been eagerly waiting for further updates regarding support with energy bills. Today the government announced energy bill relief scheme. Last week's announcement by the Government loosely mentioned "equivalent support" for non-domestic energy but didn't provide any further detail. Today, the Government elaborated on their previous comments, announcing the Energy Bill Relief

Energy Broker Feedback – Do your current terms and conditions protect your business?

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Do your current terms and conditions protect your business? Energy Broker Market Update Our energy broker clients have recently informed us at PreAction that more suppliers are now opening pricing, with improved rates compared to the last couple of months of pricing. This positive news is welcomed by everyone across the board. However, energy brokers

BEIS business energy price cap discussions – What do we know so far?

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PreAction is receiving questions from our clients regarding a price cap for business energy customers and where this leaves brokers regarding short to midterm sales activity. We are hearing positive whispers, yet further clarity is still needed as agreements are made between Government and suppliers, filtering through to TPIs. Below are some common questions

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